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celebrating queer, sexy poems

honey butter by Elisheva Fox

Dawn, morning light by Alex Vigue

Honeymoon for Singles by Allison Peters

i look at my poems & realize i’ve never written one about sex by Lemmy Ya’akova

A Planet With Two Names by Lucy Frost

My love is tying me up & i’m thinking about the waves in ulsan by Sal Kang

The Possum by jason b. crawford

BDHSM by Maija Haavisto

Origin Story: Winter by Carol Berg

Etymology of Kink by Shivani Kshirsagar

Ode to the Flogger by Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer

This is about getting fisted by Evelyn Bauer

Confessions of a Professional Submissive by Stephanie Parent

Menagerie by Peach Delphine

Handbook: by Adrian Dallas Frandle

a fall from grace by kei vough korede

Two Sonnets: [As a decrepit father takes delight] and [Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate,] by Trevor Ketner

Steam by Jason Myers


Many thanks to guest editors Alexandria Barbera, Exodus Oktavia Brownlow and Kim Sousa for their brilliant reading for this issue and the gifts of their time and attention. Please check out our editors’ work!

The Kink Issue is a special feature issue of Moist Poetry Journal, edited by Han VanderHart and guest editors.

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